Even if it’s your first DWI offense, you will find that it has severe consequences that could result in jail time, hefty fines, loss of your profession, and more if you are convicted of DWI charges.

It is imperative that you immediately consult a DWI attorney when you are facing charges of driving while intoxicated. With Tisdell Law Firm, you will have experienced DWI lawyers on your side to fight the harsh penalties imposed by the state of Texas.

Tisdell Law Firm’s criminal defense attorneys will provide you with unwavering support and fight to uphold your legal rights. It takes an experienced Amarillo DWI lawyer to cast doubt on the prosecution’s claims and help you avoid the ramifications a DWI charge can cause years after you’ve fulfilled your obligations. Contact us today to get a free consultation with an Amarillo DWI lawyer.

Understanding DWI Charges and Criminal Law in Amarillo, TX

DWI cases are very complex and the moment a DWI arrest happens, you should be reaching out to a DWI defense attorney. One thing that tends to confuse many people accused of DWI is that their driver’s licenses are not automatically suspended. You will have 15 days from the date of your DWI arrest to request a hearing to keep your driver’s license.

You can try to prevent the suspension of your driver’s license at this hearing. If you call a criminal defense attorney right away, they can make sure you do not miss this hearing. An Amarillo DWI attorney can fight to protect your driver’s license.

Beyond the potential suspension of your driver’s license, you may face serious consequences for a DWI conviction. Even for a first-time DWI, you could spend up to six months in jail and pay up to $2,000 in fines. If you have any aggravating factors, like a 0.15 blood alcohol content, these fines and time spent behind bars will increase.

You can get DWI charges dismissed or reduced, particularly if it is your first offense. However, trying to navigate the legal landscape can be difficult without the assistance of experienced attorneys from a criminal defense firm. Legal representation cannot guarantee a successful outcome, but you will have a lower chance of conviction when you have an expert looking out for your legal rights.

Texas considers a first-time DWI charge a Class B misdemeanor. If you have enhanced factors, are facing your third or more DWI with a child passenger during your traffic stop, you will face felony charges.

An experienced DWI lawyer from our law offices can help protect your future. When the arresting officer tells you that your blood alcohol concentration is over the legal limit, contact Tisdell Law Firm.

Tisdell Law Firm’s Approach to DWI Defense

People facing a DWI arrest should always remain calm. Even if you have a blood alcohol content or breathalyzer test showing you are over the legal limit, there are many defenses that your Amarillo DWI attorney can use to get your charges reduced or dismissed.

What most people don’t realize is that the police must have a valid reason to pull them over. They must also have explicit proof that you were in control of the vehicle. The arresting officer must follow all protocols and procedures during the administration of a breath test, blood test, and field sobriety test.

Certain medical conditions could present symptoms that may be confused with those of intoxication. You should not wait to contact our law firm to get the defense you need, especially if you are facing felony DWI.

Why You Need an Amarillo DWI Lawyer

Texas has serious punishments for those who are convicted of drunk driving. In certain circumstances, your first DWI could result in jail time or be charged as a felony.

This is why it is imperative that you get a free consultation with an Amarillo area attorney who has the legal experience you need to fight your charges. Tisdell Law Firm provides you with aggressive representation to stand up to the prosecution. We will help you fight these criminal charges by presenting a strong defense to help you protect your reputation and your future.

Take Action Today: Contact the Amarillo DWI Lawyers at Tisdell Law Firm

A DWI lawyer will have the legal skills and a deep understanding of the laws in Texas surrounding DWI. At Tisdell Law Firm, our extensive experience allows us to create a strong defense for our clients facing DWI charges in Amarillo and the entire state.

We pride ourselves on taking a personalized approach to every case we represent. By tailoring our strategies to your specific needs, we work tirelessly to prevent your charges from impacting other areas of your life.

A DWI on your record can make it more difficult for you to rent or buy a home. You may be turned down for jobs or kicked out of your profession. You must protect your rights, and the best way is through a free initial consultation following your arrest to get the legal guidance you need. Contact Tisdell Law Firm today to discuss your case.

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