The good news is that you are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. If you find yourself in such a situation, allow Tisdell Law Firm to help you fight against the charges. Our Amarillo federal crimes lawyer can assess your federal crimes case and guide you on your best legal defense.

What Are Considered Federal Crimes?

The vast majority of crimes in Amarillo, TX, fall under state laws. However, many crimes are considered federal offenses. Any criminal act that violates U.S. federal laws is considered a federal crime and is processed by the federal government. These cases fall under the jurisdiction of the federal courts.

Some examples of federal crimes include drug trafficking, fraud, environmental crimes, money laundering, embezzlement, terrorism, and cybercrimes. Certain civil rights violations can also be considered federal crimes. For example, any action that infringes upon an individual’s civil rights can be prosecuted under federal criminal law.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, as federal crimes can include a broad range of offenses. If you are facing criminal charges, consult with an experienced federal criminal defense attorney to create a solid legal strategy.

Statute of Limitations for Federal Crimes

The statute of limitations of a federal crime depends on the type of crime. Some of the more serious offenses, such as rape or terrorism, have no statute of limitations. It’s important to know the statute of limitations because if the prosecutor has not initiated legal action within the timeline defined by the statute of limitations, then their case could be dismissed.

Penalties for Federal Crimes

The penalties for federal crimes are often harsher than state court penalties. The specific penalties for a federal crime are determined by the Federal Sentencing Guidelines.

There are several factors considered when determining the penalties for a federal crime, including the criminal history of the accused and the level of the offense. While the Federal Sentencing Guidelines are established to provide uniform sentences for federal crimes across the U.S., adhering to them is not mandatory. The judge has the authority to give a more lenient sentence based on their judgment. In some cases, defendants get a less severe sentence in return for cooperating with federal agencies to provide more information on other people or showing remorse.

Typically, federal law enforcement agencies, such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), have more resources to investigate the case compared to state agencies. In addition, federal prosecutors often have fewer cases than state prosecutors, allowing them to spend more time on each case. They can also work with different federal agencies to complete their investigation.

Defenses to Federal Crimes

There are several legal defenses to federal crimes. While the nature of defenses for federal charges isn’t much different from defending against state crimes, there are some key differences. For example, the statutory framework for federal crime cases could be significantly different from state crimes. This is one reason you need to hire a criminal defense attorney well-versed in federal statutes and regulations.

The best legal defense for federal crimes depends on the specific case. Your criminal defense attorney would assess your case, including the evidence available, to guide you on the most suitable legal defense. Common defenses to federal crimes include challenging the credibility of the witnesses, mistaken identity, and lack of evidence. A skilled attorney can also enter into plea bargaining to seek a lesser charge or charges that are favorable to the defendant.

How Long Will My Federal Case Take?

The stress of an ongoing federal crime case can be nerve-wracking. Generally, investigations for federal cases can last longer than state cases, once the federal criminal charges are brought against you in Amarillo, TX, then the case should proceed much faster. Under the Speedy Trial Act, there are time limits for the completion of different stages of federal criminal prosecution. It is your constitutional right to have a trial without any unnecessary delays. Consult with your Amarillo criminal attorney to check how you can minimize delays.

The Role of an Amarillo Criminal defense lawyer

The role of Amarillo federal crimes lawyer is to help you through the process of defending against the charges. For maximum impact on the attorney, you should involve them in your case as early as possible. An experienced federal crimes attorney is well-versed in federal statutes that can apply to cases anywhere in the U.S., including Amarillo, TX.

Amarillo Criminal defense attorneys can ensure your constitutional rights are protected throughout the process. For example, the Fourth Amendment grants your protection against unreasonable or unlawful searches and seizures. If any evidence is collected through unlawful means, your attorney can fight to have it suppressed or dismissed in court. An attorney also plays a key role in mitigation strategies, such as cooperation with the authorities or showing remorse, to help minimize the severity of the charges or sentencing.

To schedule a consultation with our criminal attorney at Tisdell Law Firm, contact us. Allow us to fight for your rights and get your best possible outcome against the crime charges.

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