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If you are looking for a criminal defense lawyer who will be fully committed to fighting for your rights, you have come to the right place. At Tisdell Law Firm, we have experienced attorneys specializing in drug crimes, DWI cases, and other criminal cases in Amarillo, TX, and surrounding locations. Led by our law firm’s owner and managing partner, Adam Tisdell, our Amarillo criminal defense attorneys have the skills, resources, and experience to help defend your criminal charges.

Under Texas criminal law, If you are convicted of DWI in Amarillo, TX, you could face serious penalties, including jail time, fines, and suspension of your driver’s license. According to Texas Law, a motorist is considered as driving under the influence of alcohol if their blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is 0.08% or more. Texas has a zero-tolerance policy for motorists under the age of 21 driving with any detectable BAC and can prosecute those cases as DUI’s.

The severity of the penalties for DWI depends on several factors, including a prior history of DWI offenses. A first offense could cause three days to six months of jail time, while a third offense could result in two to ten years of prison time. Fines and other penalties are also significantly more severe for repeat offenders.

Aggravating factors, such as having a minor in the vehicle while drunk or if the DWI leads to serious bodily injury or death of others, can also lead to more severe penalties. Texas does not have a “wash-out” period for DWI convictions so any convictions will stay on your record and count as a prior criminal conviction forever.

With the help of our Amarillo criminal attorney, you can put up a strong fight against the charges. There are strong defenses against the DWI charges but each case is unique and we will have to carefully assess your case to determine the best defense strategy.

In some criminal defense cases, we can use the lack of probable cause for a traffic stop as a defense to the charges. This can be used in cases where the police stopped you when they did not have any lawful reason to.

Other defenses include rising blood alcohol content, issues in the administration of field sobriety tests, inaccuracy of chemical tests, or the lack of credibility in the testimony of the arresting officer. In some cases, it might be suitable to engage in negotiations with the prosecution. Our attorneys can plea bargain with the prosecution for a lesser charge.

Drug charges in Amarillo, TX, can encompass a wide range of criminal offenses, including possession of marijuana, prescription drugs, cocaine, and other drugs. There are also offenses related to the manufacturing and distribution of drugs.

Recreational use of marijuana is still illegal in Texas and therefore it is still a crime. The penalties for marijuana possession depend on several factors, including the location where the person had the marijuana. The penalties are strict if a suspect is found in possession of marijuana in drug-free zones such as schools and playgrounds.

If you have been charged with a drug offense in Amarillo, TX, you should contact our criminal defense attorney immediately so we can take steps to protect your rights. The earlier you involve us in the process, the greater the impact we can have on your case. As each drug case is different and involves a unique set of facts, we will assess your case to determine the best legal strategy for defending the charges.

One of the most commonly used defenses in drug cases is illegal search and seizure. If the evidence in the drug case was obtained illegally, you could challenge the admissibility of the evidence. If this strategy is successful, we can get the case dismissed.

Another commonly used defense in drug cases involves chain of custody or crime lab errors with the evidence. There are very strict protocols regarding how evidence is gathered, handled, and stored, and any violation of these protocols could be used as legal grounds to dismiss the case. Other defenses include Miranda rights violations, entrapment, medical marijuana defense, or the lack of probable cause.

At Tisdell Law Firm, we also offer end-of-life preparation services such as Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) orders, wills, and power of attorney. These are legal services to ensure your healthcare and financial wishes are carried out near death and after you pass on. Our attorneys can also prepare legal documents such as power of attorney and wills.

Other services include expunctions and early termination of probation. If you have been given probation as a penalty, our attorneys can work toward an early termination of your probation. Not every criminal offense or person qualifies for probation so we will have to check whether your case qualifies or not.

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