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Understanding Drug Crimes in Amarillo TX

Criminal defense cases that involve drug convictions can jeopardize your career and have harsh criminal penalties. You must understand what Texas considers to be drugs and what lies ahead for you with a drug-related offense.

What Constitutes Drug Possession and a Drug Crime?

Texas state law and federal laws consider drug possession illegal. Drugs are any illicit controlled substance such as methamphetamine, cocaine, or heroin. Drug possession could be problematic if you have a large amount as you may be charged with intent to deliver or your case could end up being prosecuted by the federal government, both have harsher criminal penalties than simple possession.

Common Drug Offenses in Amarillo TX

The drug laws in Texas classify drugs by type. The lower the number of the group, the more dangerous the drug. For example, Penalty Group 1 consists of drugs like cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamine. Penalty Group 1A covers LSD and penalty group 1B covers fentanyl. In Penalty Group 2, you’ll find drugs like PCP, mushrooms, THC, and ecstasy, while in Penalty Group 3, you’ll find many prescription drugs and steroids.

Marijuana is a drug with its own category, and although laws are shifting in the state, you can still be charged with drug possession for cannabis. Medical marijuana or low THC- cannabis is legal with a Texas recommendation for certain conditions, though those conditions are limited. Texas does not recognize out of state medical marijuana cards. 

Penalties for Drug Crimes in Amarillo

Drugs in Texas are classified into different penalties. The penalties become progressively higher when you go from possession to delivery, trafficking, or manufacturing.

If you have a small amount of a drug in your possession, it may only be charged as a misdemeanor.Penalty group 1 or 2 drugs in any amount are considered felonies. The amount of drugs you are alleged to have on you will also affect the punishments you will receive if convicted.

You may serve jail time or prison time, have your driver’s license suspended, pay large fines, lose your job, or even suffer the consequences through your custody rights. An experienced criminal defense attorney who understands the 4th Amendment and has an in depth knowledge of how drugs are tested and how the drug testing labs operate will provide you the best chance at fighting the charges you face.

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