Leah Housler


Leah Housler is a Partner at Tisdell Law Firm, where she handles all criminal defense cases and specializes in DWI defense. Her passion for the legal field started when she was young. In fact, when asked to pick a career to write an essay on in the fourth grade, Leah wrote that she wanted to be an attorney when she grew up. An idea that, no doubt, grew from her Dad’s constant insistence that she could “argue with a fence post.” Her desire to help others through proper legal representation only grew as she continued her legal education and saw the injustices that occurred when people not educated in the law were faced with criminal cases. Leah grew up in a small town in Southern New Mexico and took the New Mexico bar exam upon completing law school in Arizona. Shortly after passing the New Mexico bar, she moved to Texas and completed the Texas bar exam. She is New Mexico, Texas, and Federally licensed. Leah is currently completing the Axion course at Axion Forensic Labs in Chicago, IL, to receive her lawyer scientist designation. She is an active faculty member of the Lawyer Lounge, and of the National College for DUI Defense (NCDD).

In the evenings, you can find her in the gym or on the couch with a good book, her family, and her dogs. She is an avid Harry Potter fan, a lover of tattoos, and always planning her next big travel adventure.

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Leah Elizabeth Housler
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